It is quite obvious that the owner of a small business must successfully manage a lot of tasks simultaneously. As an entrepreneur, we must overcome the resource restraints and at the same time we must focus on the growth of business. Statistics indicate that growing of a business at the initial stage is not quite easy. It has been observed that nearly 20% of businesses do not last for a year and half of the percentage don’t make it to the fifth year. It is a bit tricky to fight a battle on every front at the same time we also need help to boost our business. So here growth hacking comes in. Here we are discussing about some growth hacking tips for a startup or small business

Online Reviews matter

Online reviews are essential when it comes to building brand credibility. According to a survey, 84% of users trust online reviews and testimonials when considering purchasing a product or service. By purchasing online, it makes easy for users to view and react to all praise that we have received online. We always highlight the top quotes and testimonials on our home page given by the satisfied customers. It is very helpful to encourage other customers.


Integrating call-to-action with social media platform

For fast growth, we need to encourage our prospects to take a specified action. By integrating the call-to-action across various social media platforms is the best way to motivate our customers to take action. We should ask users to sign up our product or share or like the posts. We should ensure that our call-to-action is precise, clear and easy for understandable for all customers.

 Prioritize Content Marketing

In today’s world, content marketing is one of the most valuable marketing strategies. Statistics said that, it is 62% cheaper than traditional marketing and generate more leads. Blog posts and other informative, creative content is meant to educate readers with high quality information. Users visit the website to gain important, helpful knowledge which helps in building creativity and enhances brand awareness.

Requesting Feedback

To listen to the customers is the best way for any brand to grow together. By getting feedback from the users, it helps us to improve business accordingly to present a best-in-class user experience which is very much helpful for our business growth.

Use Customer Retargeting

Retargeting is the way to bring back the customers in an attempt to sell again. Google and Facebook are re-targeting contains optimizations which show targeted ads to our previous customers and encourage them to make the purchase


Offer Discount Coupons

Another effective way to build email list is distributing the discount coupons which also encourages users to make the purchase. Also if we use pop-up creator tools to create best in class customized pop-ups which instantly catches the attention of customers.

Create an application

Having an app gives us a significant competitive edge over the competition. Building an app with advanced capabilities with the help of popular app building service helps us to bring more visitors in our site.


Gamify the onboarding Experience

Gamification is used by various businesses to make the whole customer journey more interesting. Gamifying the onboarding experience involves rewarding new users for using the product and referring it to the other friends and colleagues.


Use data Analytics for Decision Making

Data analytics is at the heart of every business. Measured data helps in maintaining the complete insight into the result of our business and also it helps in intelligent decision making.

Offer Freebies

Offering the free downloadable or viewable assets is one of the most effective ways of growing our email list quickly. We may also try for offering free e-book in exchange for the user’s email address.


Implement Organic SEO Strategies

Using organic SEO techniques is an effective strategy for engaging prospects. A data suggests that 60-80% users avoid paid ads.


Mobile Optimization

From the survey, it has been found that 48% of users use mobiles to search on the internet, so it is extremely important to optimize our website for mobile devices.

Make Freemium Products

People like to use free products, so making freemium products help to attract a lot of attention from the potential reviewers as they don’t need to buy the product to review it.

 Keep Experimenting

Experimentation is a scary topic for all businesses. So that experimenting opens new doors for new growth opportunities so that we can bring new customers in our business.

 Automate as much possible

We should reduce the manual work and apply automation for reducing time and higher work productivity.