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India's Most Unique

Robotics, Industrial IoT, AI, Analytics R & D Organization

An award-winning Research & Development firm offering custom robot, automation and IoT device development , software development, web / mobile app development & Technology Consultancy to enterprises, software / hardware product companies & startups.

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Bridging The Gap Between

Academic & Industry

An award-winning Research & Development firm offering workshop, hands on training, hackathon, bootcamp, internship, masterclass, tech club, Talk Show on 21st century skills like robotics, IoT,artificial intelligence, analytics, 3D technology, AR/VR, Game Development & Information Technology to Diploma, Bachelor, Master degree students or working professionals to convert unemployed or under employed to purposefully happily employed, entrepreneur or innovator.

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Best Innovator Award

At 27th West Bengal State Science and Technology Congress 2020 by Department of Science and Technology and Biotechnology, Government of West Bengal.

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Think Again Lab was created for this. 

We are a team of young and experienced entrepreneurs, scientists, researchers, innovators. We are incorporating nature’s algorithm into robotics, industrial internet of things, artificial intelligence, analytics & information technology to solve most crucial problems of the human race.

Through research and development, we are helping enterprises, SMEs & startups to innovate with technology based product development by implementing Industry 4.0 utilizing robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, industrial internet of things, analytics and information technology in India and around the globe.

Through 21st century skill development, we are curing a century old disease named being a servant syndrome induced by negativity among the youths and creating a research-innovation-entrepreneurial ecosystem in India and around the globe.

We are certified, endorsed & recognized by –

Eastern India’s first semi humanoid general purpose butler robot – Annapurna

Annapurna is an indigenously developed Eastern India’s first semi-humanoid general purpose butler robot which first became viral when invited to DADAGIRI Season 9 hosted by Mr. Sourav Ganguly, President of BCCI & former Indian Cricket Team Captain.

Later on again it became the talk of the town when it was displayed at the Bengal Global Business Summit organized by the Government of West Bengal at Science City, Kolkata, and at the first Bengali New Year Carnival organized by Bengal Business Council at Newtown.

Recently it got viral and got featured in more than 20+ National and Regional News Papers and Portals for becoming World’s First robot to do “Devi Durga Bandana” at Kolkata.

India’s First Techno-Spiritual Research Organisation

We offer research and development services for corporates and education for youths.


Research and innovation is always been the core of our company. we are working on several patented or patantable technologies & research papers.


We help enterprises and startups to focus on their business while we take care of their software, hardware or hybrid product development and system integration.


We are bridging the gap between academia and industry by real-life industry oriented skill development to decrease the unemployability of youths in technology and engineering.

Are you an Enterprise/ Startup? Looking for an organization that can help you to innovate with technology to grow your business exponentially?

Well, it's all about the law of attraction. You have just found the organization, you are looking for. Whether you need a software, hardware or both integrated, Think Again Lab just got you covered.

Customized Software Development

Want to see a revenue growth of 15%+ in your business? You can do it by automating business processes by using  ERP, CRM, management systems  and automation techniques like RPA, BPA. With help of Think Again Lab automate your mundane business process with robust and scalable mobile, web or standalone apps utilizing AI, Machine Learning, IoT & IT concepts. Learn More.

Customized Hardware Development

Do you know implementing automation in your business can generate 30-200% ROI in the first year. 74% of organizations say they are actively looking for new use cases for automation. Think Again Lab can help you with an end to end solution from prototyping to production for your custom hardware product development utilizing robotics, IoT, Embedded system, Automation. Learn More.

Software and Hardware Integration

According to, an African gold mine identified a problem with the oxygen levels during leaching by using data from sensors in it’s equipment. After fixing, they observed 3.7% increase in yield which saved them $20 million. Think Again Lab can help you to convert anything into smart. We can convert home into smart home, office into smart office, building into smart building and city into smart city and beyond by utilizing IIoT, Cloud, Analytics & Automation. Learn More.

Technology Consultancy

78% of the enterprises that entrust their Technology needs to technical partners and outsource, feel confident with this strategy. Consult with Think Again Lab technology experts to analyze, strategize and implement Industry 4.0 technologies like Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Industrial Internet of things, Analytics & Information Technology to implement and get an exponential growth in your business. Let’s erase the line between physical and digital, together. Learn More.

Want to know how
Industry 4.0
can impact your business?

Want to know how
Industry 4.0
can impact your business?

A man is known by his company and a company is known by it’s association.

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and many more.

Are you an Engineering Student/ Professional Engineer? Tired of learning theory and getting certificates? Want to be an innovator by doing projects?

Wait, wait, wait. So you are looking for us. Great, don't worry. In Think Again Lab, you will learn trendy technology by doing cool projects and also convert your passion into a profession by joining us as an intern after course completion.

Prepare your career for Industry 4.0 by learning Robotics, IIoT, AI, ML, Analytics & IT.


Get Overview of industry needed skills by doing small projects in 2/3/4 days workshops i.e.  Budding innovator.

Hands on Training

Learn industrial skills by doing industrial projects in 36//54/72/ go hours and get certified to give boost to your CV.


Implement your learning to solve real world problems related to society,technology & space


Learn trendy industry oriented skills by developing several projects  while competing others in 36 hours i.e. ThinkCamp

Learn from Home

You can’t make time to come to the lab physically? Don’t worry now you can learn 21st century skills even without getting off from your bed.


Learn the insights about the industries from the industrial leaders interact with them to clear your doubts.

Tech Club

Setup and run a tech club in your school/college to create innvation culture among the students and mentor them to persue that.

Talk Show

Organise a talk show at your campus to encourage students to interact with scientist, innovator & entrepreneurs and help them to network with them

Everybody said that you can’t do anything in your life? Prove them wrong. 

    Mentored by them who have already done it


    Managing Director , Kolkata Ventures


    Ph.D (Engg.), JU, Patent and Trademark Attorney | Scientist C (Senior Scientist) & Nodal Officer


    Co-Founder , e-motions, Illinois , USA


    CEO, Kolkata Ventures


    Founding Director & CEO, Think Again Lab


    MIEEE, MACM, MIE (India) & Assistant professor, Techno India College of Technology.


    Co-founder & COO, Think Again Lab


    Co-founder & CTO, Industry 4.0 Think Again Lab


    Co-founder & CRO, Think Again Lab

    Winning should not be the objective of the game but winning is important.

    Read how Think Again Lab is transforming lives around the globe

    student deblina de

    “The 6 weeks Bootcamp of ML conducted by Think Again Labs is one of the best training that I have done so far. With a cooperative mentor, friendly ambiance and regular brainstorming session, it is the best training that one can get enrolled into. besides learning algorithms, I have also built new projects. I have also filed a patent after this training”

    student deblina de

    “I did my summer training in Machine Learning from Think Again Lab. It was an eye-opening, exciting adventure for me. I was able to discover my love and passion for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Think Again Lab made me familiar with the practical aspects of Machine Learning rather than only teaching theory and no practical.”

    student deblina de

    “I had completed my training in IoT From Think again lab. The overall training was a good experience.
    The trainer had explained all the concepts in an easy way, where we were encouraged to express our own thoughts and opinions. Overall it was smooth training with the new and practical approach.”

    Want to join our awesome community ?


    Spend  3/6/9/12 months in industry to develop teamwork capability. problem solving skill and work ethics and get a work experience before joining a job. Apply Here. 

    Be a Campus Superstar

    Though you are in college, still you want to be a part of India’s First Techno-spiritual community to spread techno-spirituality through out the globe? Check Eligibility.

    Think Again Lab Community

    We are a community of entrepreneurs, innovators, scientist working for a absolutely better and interesting future. Be a part of a revolution.  Join Here.

    Want to organise on campus Workshop/ Hands-on Training/ Internship/ Tech Talk Show? 

    Think Again Lab authorized expert Thinker will visit your campus and provide Workshop/ Hands-on Training/ Internship/ Tech Talk Show. 

      If you are doing something great. Everybody will talk about your work like this.