As per naming convention, online appointment scheduling is much pretty. It is a way for customers and prospects to schedule online appointment meetings. This can be possible through the use of cloud-based CRM web scheduler automated application. Now-a-days, the use of online web scheduler apps becomes very popular and there is no sign of slowing down. In 2017, global market size for online appointment scheduling software was 160million and its expectation of rising price is near 480million by the end of 2025. Here I am going to discuss some points to automate work meetings using Agile CRM web scheduler

Step1: Setting up Web Scheduler

We have to first set up the web scheduler in agile CRM. The steps are:

1.  First we have to open an account in Agile CRM may be it free.

2. Now we have to navigate to our Agile CRM dashboard and in the sales section by clicking on “online calendar”.

3. Next this will show a unique link to our online calendar.

4. Select the options what we want by clicking on the various tabs. We can also select the time slots what we want to display as available, define meeting types and more.

5. After that we can send the calendar link to anyone who wants to schedule a meeting with us. We can also include it in our email signature, social media profile so that anyone can easily find it.

6. Next, the leads and customers can select the time slot when they want and book as per their convenience.

7. After booking the slot, the meeting will automatically appears on our Agile CRM calendar.

8. Next, we can set up a workflow which sends us an alert when someone books a new meeting.

9. Also we can send an confirmation mail to the man who booked using our web scheduler.

10. Finally, we can set automated reminders for ourselves also so that we don’t miss the meeting as well as automated remainder email to that person also so that he or she can’t forget to attend the meeting.

Streamlining Process of WebScheduler App

1. Always Include a Time Buffer:In all day, we can not have back meetings. We need some time in between the meetings to wrap up notes from the previous one and prepare for the next. When selecting our available time-slots, we have to make sure to leave the entire calendar wide open. This will help us to be more prepared for our appointments which will give the better outcomes, drive revenue growth and increase customer satisfaction.

Streamlining Process of WebScheduler App

2. Offer meetings of different lengths for different reasons: Obviously, we will have meetings for different reasons. We can determine how long the open time slots on our online calendar and add a label that specifies the purpose of that particular time slot.

If we are in sales, we may offer 30-minutes time slots for prospects who want to discuss our offerings. So it gives us more control over our own time when we specify the purpose of the meeting with a label. Moreover, giving customers and prospects clearly identify choices in this way that makes people easier to understand.

3. Don’t forget to block off time for yourself: While we are working in a project but must stop every hour to take a meeting. We should take care of ourselves in this way and we will be able to better serve our customers.

We will also maintain a more effective presence in the workplace if we can sit for a dedicated block of time and work through pending tasks.

Benefits of using online web scheduler 

1. Higher level of customer satisfaction: Most startups fall down because they can’t maintain the satisfied customers. By using an online web scheduler app, customers can enjoy feeling a sense of control in their relationship with us

2. Increase Productivity and Efficiency:By using a web scheduler app, customers can see when we are available or not. Then they click on that time slot to schedule a meeting.

3. Staying on top emerging trends: The online appointment scheduling market is going to continue grow. Adopting this technology will ensure us that we are ahead of that curve and as competitive as possible by moving forward.