An agent’s work is not finished the moment when he disconnects the call with customers. Automated after call work is equally important as the post call work. How can we conclude our call and how we manage to learn from each call makes all the difference. We should be able to assess each call from the customer’s point of view and spot scope for perfection. After call work is the common point for all call-centers and can negatively affect the agent efficiency, customer satisfaction and call center level of service if neglected.

What is after call work?

After call work encapsulates all the tasks which a customer support or sales representative must complete once they have terminated a call. In the long run, after call work is very important. Careful and methodical after call work leaves a lasting trace of the call and the impression of the customer improves our quality of service and customer satisfaction over time.

automated call work

Tips to make efficient after-call work:

  • Getting feedback:Feedback may be positive or negative. Despite what it is, it is going to help us in the long run. We could include this feedback in our call-texts also. Rather than collecting those feedbacks, we have to analyze it also.


  • Optimizing software: If we use the best software when it comes to our contact centers, it would help our agents to finish their work in least time in a more efficient way. So this is main reason why we need responsive, insightful, simple navigated software. It should also be able to cater to all the numerous needs of our company.


  • Automating tasks: The main reason of automating task is that some agents may fall behind in their after-call work because it is manual. The best cloud calling solutions is even more automated now-a-days. That means most of the manual tasks that we perform can be done automatically with the help of a click. These manual tasks would include situations where we miss our customer’s call or new contact calls up.


  • Have knowledge-base for agents:Sometimes an agent has some doubts when he or she is on call. So we need to take precautions which is required to reduce time wasted on finding solutions of that queries. It would be useless if our agents have to haunt through manuals, email supervisors and ask to get answers. It would be easier if our agents have a common knowledge base that all agents can refer when they need it. Thus it provides liable information.


  • Integrating Business tools: After call work comprises of updating the database, the call center software, helpdesk, CRM and also the sales force. It could be really difficult if we are not using software that incorporates our business tools. Optimize software will essentially reduce time which we spend in updating the customer data. So that means if we update data in the main database, it would update across all environments.


  • Reducing time spent on after-call works: We need to take required precautions to reduce the time spent of after call work. This could be happen if we optimize the training of our agents. If our agents are familiar with the software and business tools, it would be easy for workload post calls.


  • Streamlining business processes: This is one of the easiest way of reducing the time spent on concluding the work. We must be aware of each step that agents have to take in order to complete their tasks.


  • Use after-call work metrics: These metrics are generally used to review the after-call-work done by the employees. These metrics would disclose the main reason to the agents behind after call work. Also if the employees aware that their work is being judged, they would perhaps motivated to work harder and pay more attention to  the after-call works which will increase efficiency.
  • Go green: Perhaps it takes up a lot of time that could have been used otherwise. Instead we could choose the modern of going paperless where we carry out all the tasks including faxing documents and other materials to customers through mail. E-mailing can save a lot of time and it is more efficient than hardcopies.