Customer Relationship Management(CRM) is defined as the principles and practices behind interacting with the customers. Themodern customer relationship management must be used as a basic technology for customer engagement in order to deliver experiences that keep our customers coming back for more. In a simple way, CRM software is a database of current and potential customers. In addition to that, it is an advanced software to help the sales team with everything from lead generation to marketing campaign distribution to enable the sales marketing strategy. So to manage customer relationships and to ensure that we have the best CRM tool which is available to the sales team, here are top CRM trends in 2020

Customer Experience

If we want to stand in a crowd of products or services similar to the one what we offer, we have to more focus on the customer experience. We have  to be also focused on the interaction between the brand and customers and have to ensure that we are leaving them with a good impression which will go a long way. An effective CRM software helps to build all the customer interactions. If we have left any customer in a midway, we will be able to start our communication later from that point.


The automating sales processes help the sales representatives to do their job more fast and in an accurate and effective way. The enhanced CRM tool can also offer ways in which we have to automate the processes. In addition, it also helps to shorten the sales cycle which is one of the most valuable CRM trends in 2020. Automation reduces the manual tasks, it also helps in the data entry, the customer interaction logging and also personalized email sequences. Some CRM also offers marketing automation features which allow us to get done with fewer resources in less time.


It is one of the most effective CRM trends in this year. If the sales team sits in front of the desktop during the whole day, they can not go outside for selling. Mobile CRMs is an requirement to solve this problem when the sales team is in the outside.

Social Media

In the last several years, social media has become an important part of the marketing mix. It is useful for the sales team to connect with their prospects when they spend their time online. We can expand our reach through social media campaigns and it will also help us for generation of the leads.


We can easily put our customers in our showroom with virtual reality. Also we can put the right product to the customer’s living room with the augmented reality. Now-a-days, virtual assistants also provide us a whole new level of communication with our customers. This can change how sales team do their job substantially in 2020.

User Friendly

It will not be effective, if the sales team does not use CRM. We have to choose a user-friendly software solution to ensure that the team adopt the software very quickly and easily. When the CRM software gives us the user-friendly solution , the sales team also can be able to access information in a timely fashion.


The omnichannel is a very important trend of CRM in 2020. It is very much effective and widely used method to gain the new customers and it includes to continue the customer lifecycle in each channel instead of starting over with each. As an example, if any customer abandons a cart in one channel, it will offer an incentive in the next to purchase the same product. In 2020, we have ensure that CRM helps to achieve this goal to make this work. The collected customer data also helps us to create a seamless experience from one channel to the next to do our work successfully.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a key role in many aspects of sales and marketing including the CRM software. Now AI is transforming to CRMs. AI is playing a more vital role in sales by offering the following:

1. Sentiment analysis and capabilities

2. Better data integrity

3. predictive lead scoring

4. personalized solutions

5. recommendations

6. Easier data integration and retrieval