Like other relationships, business relationships are built on mutual trust. It must be the bedrock of any healthy and long-lasting relationship. In a word, relationships are like house plants. If we don’t tend to them, they will eventually die. That’s why nurturing customer relationships is so important. In a large part, nurturing customer relationships boils down to deliver a stellar customer experience. This is very much important because the customer experience is becoming the new driver of consumer’s buying decisions. Customer satisfaction level will rise when we deliver a great customer experience. If we maintain a world-class levels of customer satisfaction, nurturing customer relationships will become much easier and also customer retention will  naturally follow this. So to reach a world-class customer satisfaction level we have to devote a huge effort in nurturing customer relationships. The 9 tips for nurturing customer relationships are discussed below

Use Customer Relationship Management Software

  1.  How CRM software helps in nurturing customer relationships lets discuss below:
  • Storing loads of personal and demographic data of each customer so we can gain a comprehensive understanding what are their behavior.
  • It is an automatic time consuming and manual processes so that we can spend more time by focusing on the interactions with customers.
  • It allows us to automate the online appointment scheduling process so that we can make the life of customers more easier.
  • We can give the insight of each customer so that it can personalize our communications with them
  • We can store all data from all the teams in a single database so that everyone can access to that deep insight into each customer.

So without CRM software, it becomes more difficult to nurture customer relationships and therefore it helps us to differentiate our brand and remain competitive in todays modern market.

Improve Customer Effort Score

There are many ways to measure customer satisfaction. But one thing is there to make a direct correlation to the health of our customer relationships is the customer effort score. Customer effort score measures the amount of effort of a customer which they had to devote to a specific interaction with the company. If any customer calls support and maintain a week for resolution that indicates they had to put a lots of effort into getting their issue resolved. Also they may have to take back multiple times and also we have to put work on hold until support finally provides a resolution. So focus on improving the customer effort score is a key factor of nurturing the customer relationships.

Develop a Customer Advisory Board

The Customer Advisory Board gives our customer base a voice and allows them to offer suggestions about product enhancement and insight into the quality of service. If we show our customers that we are listening to their needs and demands as well as we are implementing changes based on their feedback, we will illustrate to them that we are genuinely invested time and money in their success. So it’s a great tactic of nurturing customer relationships.

First impressions matter

 When we first sign a new customer we have a great opportunity to set the tone of our future relationship with them. If our product requires training to use it effectively we have to give free training to the new clients. If we sell a software product, we should roll training into onboarding and implementation process.

Engage them on Social Media

When someone posts in a social media sites or mention our brand in a post automatically a door opens for us to engage the customer. People expect rapid responses on social media and responding quickly should be our goal. We can do this with the help of social listening and monitoring software that alerts us when someone mentions us on the social media.

Solve Problems:

Forming a strategy around nurturing customer relationships we should think about how we can solve a common problem. Once we can get all the topics that customers face day by day we can draft those problems and offer solutions to them.

Increase First Contact Resolution Rate

First contact resolution rate refers to the number of support tickets that our team resolves on the first attempt. It absolutely means to solve the problem immediately rather than having to g et back to them while we look for the answer to their question.

Shift more attention to Customer Retention

 Many businesses focus on the customer retention more than customer acquisition. Though the signing of new customer is attractive and it is also necessary for our business growth we should make a balance between making that a priority and retaining the existing customers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing build our reputation as an expert by giving some free insight. It is an easy way to communicate with a brief e-mail newsletter that show prospects to the customers.