According to the current survey, 53% of real estate companies surveyed using spreadsheets, email or notepads to manage customer relationships. From this survey, the clearly indication was that there was a lack of knowledge in the real estate field about how much customer relationship management could benefit them. Here I am going  too discuss some relevant points:

What is Real Estate CRM? 

A CRM tool can help any organization to interact with the leads, prospects and existing customers. It keeps all the information of customers like their buying history, what questions they are asked for, email trails etc. By knowing the consumer behavior, companies can maintain a trust relationship with the customers, retain their old customers also be able to bring the new customers in their industry. So a type of sales position is going to be benefited from using a CRM. Real estate CRM helps us to keep all information of potential and existing customers in an centralized location and also organize with other information such as interactions, complaints, comments, major points etc. For real estate agents, these reasons are true and can be even more important if we keep this in mind.

What are the benefits of using Real Estate CRM?

Real Estate CRM can help the agents with much more day-to-day activities such as house showing, inspections, payments etc. Additionally, it can make us easy by taking the information from the potential seller or buyer and after that automatically adding it into CRM. Also it can help us to keep track that how many customers we are connected already and also how many customers how many customers will need this. By analyzing those, we can schedule an automatic follow-ups. Real Estate CRM software also includes a mobile version that helps its users effectively.

a)Smart Reporting:

With so many variations in a realtor’s sales target like as commissions and selling fees it will be really difficult to keep costs in check. In that case, CRMs are ideal for smarter reporting. By using this software, we can automatically create a colorful, clear, precise charts and graphics to make the information easily visible, attractive and comprehended.

b)Easy for Segmentation:

Segmenting lists can save our time and make our work more productive. Segmenting lists which enter our sales funnel can be a gamechanger for our agency.

c)Follow up Automatically:

In the world of real estate, not all the leads have equal value. But one thing we have to keep in mind that every lead needs to be nurtured which means we have to follow them consistently. As an example, we can easily follow them by scheduling email. The CRM software will remind us and potentially do a followup.

Why should we use a real estate CRM?

CRM build for Real Estate software which have eliminated the daily issues faced by realtors. Some of the biggest challenges real estate companies can solve using CRM. They are:

  • CRM software gives immediate responses of their queries to the clients and landlords
  • CRM gives agents cloud based solution
  • CRM gives the real estate agents high volumes of information all at once
  • CRM also helps its agents to keep a trustworthy relationships with former clients
  • CRM also gives a quick fix using Excel spreadsheets

As an example, we can say real estate managers must spin many plates during their working hours. So CRM software can give a easy way to the managers to keep a track of the status of all buyers and leads.

How to choose the best Real Estate CRM?


1.Technical Reasons:

a)Daily operations



d)Campaign Management





a)Increase sales

b)Manage Contacts

c)Improve customer support

d)Track and measure campaigns

3.Business Size:

a)Small or medium sized


Additionally, one thing we have to keep in mind that the whole thing is within our budget or not and also with the growing of our industry they can also offer free versions for limited time period and also if it can integrate with other effective applications productivity will be more which will be benefited for our organization.


Many professionals are benefited by using effective CRM in their business. Moreover, for real estate agents it will be a game-changer for helping them to keep consistent and timely communication with their clients. Agile CRM is one of the example of real estate CRM.