In modern technical world, real estate companies have to fight in a  challenging ecosystem every day. The industry moves faster, the requirement of customers day to day changes, so the industry need to constantly up-to-date with the information. An efficient ERP system can streamline their workflow from lead management to project enclosure. If a web-based ERP system can integrate with a CRM system it can easily reduce the operating costs, eliminate wastage, facilitate day-to-day management, enable the decision making. Moreover an integrated ERP system can give a holistic view of ongoing projects in industry.

Here are some benefits that ERP system give the Real Estate Companies

 a)Procurement and Inventory Management

An ERP system offers real time integration in various sectors like finance, material, construction and sales data. Also it enhances the inventory management and helps in many crisis situations. ERP system can expedite generation of material requirement, planning, preparation of purchase orders, maintenance of supplier directory, tracking of material shipments until delivery and creation of evaluation charts for procurement.

b)Finance Management

The cloud enabled ERP systems gather real time data for accounting, purchase and sales departments and also generate error-free reconciliation between materials procured, utilized, work in progress and completed tasks. Also the visual dashboards help us to give a clear and concise view of receivable and payable accounts, profit & loss, balance sheet and trail balance. It also offers in various financial aspects like project wise fund planning, tax deduction or payment and regulatory compliances.

d)Project Management

Comprehensive project management can be achieved through specialized ERP systems for the real estate vertical. Daily billing and payment to conductors are also automated, ongoing bills are maintained through methodically. Key cost and project indicators are also available to help estimate project cost and profitability.

e)Lease Management

The lease management module includes the flawless analysis of lease requirements, the occupancy metrices and the demand supply graph. It also includes the detailed 360 degree tenant intelligence, management of rent, the problems of escalations and renewals. It keep track of each notifications time to time and lease deposits. The effective CRM system of lean management results in improve tenant satisfaction and higher occupancy rates.

So now-a-days, real estate agents and brokers have embraced technology to boost their profitability. The digital tool “Real Estate ERP software” really helps to gain a huge success. By using this tools, the professionals are able to collect and manage the information that flows between various sections of their companies. The software provides them with information and updates about their performance to enable the informed decision-making. Moreover the ERP digital tools help to stay with he digital clients.

Some software tools for ERP real estate companies are described below


The software tools are currently enhancing day-to-day operations of real estate professionals by providing them up-to-date information. The Buildium ERP software provides the time-to-time updates about current and potential clients. Also sales and maintenance data is delivered automatically. This software also incorporates a number of accounting resources. For example, This software helps us to reconcile bank statements, produce financial records and stay financially compliant. It also delivers the strategic knowledge through an unique connection to the stakeholders in the real estate business.

Some advantages

  • It provides complimentary features for real estate professionals
  • It provides us a resource of real estate communities
  • It is used to handle the accounting and financing tasks
  • It can effectively be integrated with other software tools for better productivity


  • It is costly rather than other software


This software is highly valuable for real estate agents in focusing on delivering a tangible Return on Investment(ROI). RealSpace is user-friendly and it has a short learning curve. It allows us to manage property listings easier. Also, we can create eye-catching and  unique content by using this software. Also, RealSpace can share our promotional material to active leads. From the centralized dashboard, we can easily capture, convert and make a close relationship with our clients.

Some advantages

  • This software has a large no of variation with its features
  • It allows to create workflows.
  • In trial period, Its accessible is totally free.
  • It can give us a certain ROI.


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