Inside sales executives conduct their prospecting, outreach and selling remotely. Instead of travelling to meet many prospects in person, they form connections with prospects by the use of technology.

By Leveraging email, advanced telephony, social media and various customer relationship management software’s, they form a rapport with the prospects, without ever meeting them in person.

The emergence of all-in-one CRM solutions . Which include built-in sales tools, has empowered sales teams to close deals in an accurate way. With these tools, they can easily form a rapport with prospects, without the need to travel for face-to-face meetings.

A recent survey says that, LinkedIn found that 33% of inside sales executives. Who use CRM and Sales intelligence tools? Spend around three to five hours in a week to uncover the insights about these leads and prospects by using these tools.

As a matter of fact, these insights are very critical to the success of any sales team. This is very difficult without the help of technology.

Here we are going to discuss the top most skills which an inside sales executive needs to master to become a top performer.

 Problem Solving

The most important skill which we all need to master is the art of becoming a great problem solver. There are four basic steps in problem solving:

1. Defining the  problem

Though it seems as the easiest step in problem solving, it’s one of the most critical and often mistaken step. In most cases, a lack of proper training or an unreasonable workload might be the problem.
2. Generating alternatives

While dealing with new problems, instead of considering alternatives, go with the solution that comes to your mind first. The best way to come up with an alternative is to visualize the ideal outcome and consider the core benefits.

3. Evaluating and selecting alternatives

At this stage, it’s important to make a series of different considerations while choosing your course of action.
The best problem solvers are the ones who can identify the difference between the first acceptable solution and the best possible solution to a problem.

4. Implementing Solutions

Once we have chosen out the right solution for testing, and our mission is not complete until we have built the feedback channels to ensure monitoring and testing for future outcomes against our expectations going into the experiment.

Effective Communication for inside sales

We have to understand the mindset of the prospect. Because will help us to tweak our interaction style. Interaction should sound as much natural as possible. This is one of the foundational skill in sales  but which will help us to become a top performing repository.

1. Cold Calling

It develops a bullet proof sales calling script that can move our leads through the sales funnel and also into the next stage of qualification.

It sets activity goals like the number of calls we need to make each day in order to hit our key objective of closing a certain number of deals per week.

Team Collaboration for Inside Sales

1. Willingness to work on tasks, leads and projects (that we are not always excited about), when there’s a clear team benefit.

2. A bias towards personal action when there is ambiguity around ownership of a particular task or project.

3. Readiness to pick up the slack when other teammates are unavailable, under-performing or in need of a little help or guidance.

team collaboration for inside sales

Time Management Skill for Inside Sales 

Time is the most valuable resource to the business owners. They are managing time not only for the individual benefit but also for our prospect’s benefit as well.

After all, our effectiveness as a sales person is measured by the level of sales productivity. The amount of revenue which we are able to generate for the number of hours and we have worked in given period.

That’s makes the ways in which we have to choose to manage our time for online delivery and fulfill the expectation of the company.

time management skill for inside sales