In today’s modern marketplace, it is becoming more challenging to the company to compete without the capacity to make the data-driven decisions. The sales metrics and analysis provided by the modern technology makes this easy. Now many businesses are moving to an all-in-one customer relationship management solution because they provide the full CRM, sales, marketing and help desk modules all on the same platform. While some basic KPIs remain in place, this industry changes have meant that modern SaaS sales teams now embrace some newer, more dynamic sales KPIs than the previous years. Here are describing the top 10 sales metrics and KPIs for modern sales money.

Total sales over month

Tracking sales in repository per month is not enough. Since decade, sales team have been doing it. But in the digital age, it is still an important sales metric. Also CRM provides a powerful CRM reporting that tells us how each repository is performing regarding to sales. Sales managers and directors should set a monthly benchmark and measure each repository against those. If we find that total monthly sales are dropping, we can dig into the data to understand the root cause. After identifying the cause, we can use the data available and to help the repository improvement.

total sales over month

Sales Funnel Flow

Sales Funnel Flow is a tried and true sales metric but it is critical to success in modern sales teams.We can easily track the dashboard to check how each repository has in the funnel. With the insight provided by the sales funnel analysis, sales managers can see which repository are moving leads through the funnel at the expected velocity.They can also identify the repository who are seeing a bottleneck at one particular stage of the funnel and are having a hard time moving them past at that stage.

Opportunities Lost

It is very much important to tract the number of opportunities lost as well as the ratio of opportunities which are created to loss for each sales repository. This is an easy sales metric to track all in one CRM. The solutions provide customizable dashboards to check sales repository and managers to check daily and get the insight at a glance.

Measure Social Engagement

Social selling is super popular in those days because it is highly effective at building relationships with potential customers and growing our reputation as a thought leader. We can measure the following things:

  1. Number of receivable shares and the ratio of the posts to shares
  2. Number of receivable comments and the ratio of comments per post
  3. Likes per post

Optimize LinkedIn profile

Now-a-days, a huge number of customers are using the social media and the social sites have become a key venue for repository to engage the customers. Also social media statistics inform that, by 2021, experts expect that number of global social media users will reach 3.02 billion which amounts to one-third of the world’s population.

optimize linkdin profile

Outreach activities

Each repository is engaging in prospecting outreach. The activities are cold calling, cold emailing etc. So it important to track the number of cold calls and cold emailing.

Personalized outreach

Personalization in marketing and sales is an important sales metric in today’s world. With so much data stored in CRM solution and the ability to automate the sending of personalized emails in bulk which makes personalized sales outreach more easier.

Client Lost

Because of the common salesperson mindset, many repository will overpromise when trying to close a deal. They may claim the featured products and its benefits that it actually does not. When the repository closes a deal and makes their commission but leaves a new customer with unrealistic expectations about the product or service they are paying for

Conversion Rates

Sales repository receive the marketing qualified leads who have displayed a propensity to buy and are ready for the sales outreach. Also if the conversion rate is low, it could be because marketing is qualifying leads too early.

Product and service expertise

Now-a-days, product and sales repository must be absolute experts in the products or services as t hey sell and also need to do their homework and understand each prospect’s needs before reaching out for their business growth.