Sales are essential for company and revenue growth for every business. If we are working in a digital industry, the chances that we have come across the term marketing ( known as sales and marketing). This two teams traditionally operate as separate entities in an organization. However, now-a-days the modern market is changing such a way that the time has come for these two departments to unit, align and streamline their processes. With so much information really available to help jump-start the alignment process, there is never been a better time to optimize our sales and marketing strategy to increase sales and become a collaborative professional team. There are eleven tips to level-up our sales and marketing strategy to grow our business as a cohesive unit

Spend Quality Time Together

 This may not seem like a typical business-driven strategy, but if we create opportunities for personal connection between sales and marketing departments which allow us to build meaningful relationships and understand each other’s point of view. In personal time this investment does not necessarily mean for weak-long business retreats. As an example, we can establish a book club for after business hours or create a staff non-competitive cricket team.

connection between sales and marketing

Create aligned terminology and processes

 The only way that cloud based file sharing of business resources can work effectively is if the contained information in the documents is understandable and accessible to  both the sales and marketing interns. Also the marketing insider group suggests that if we create a collective set of definitions it will help us to clear communication issues between the different groups and minimize the misunderstanding between the team members.

Create common Smarting goals

 We know that aligned goals are the base of an effective sales and marketing alliance. According to the information of TAS group in Hub spot, companies who practice smarting in a good way they can generate 208% more revenue from their own marketing efforts. As an example, if any hard time arrives for selling a specific service or product, marketing team can create a strategy that promote the awareness and market the product or service to the high potential leads. From there, the sales team can take over to pull those leads through the online sales funnel and can close some deals.

Focus on entirety of sales funnel

 An optimize sales funnel is not only very effective for generating sales, but also it will help us     for generating lead generating statistics as well. When the sales funnel is operating optimally, marketing team can analyze available data to see where prospects are dropping out and also what content keeps them moving down the funnel.

Make it easy to collaborate

 The first step in aligning sales and marketing team is to make it easy. Sales operate off the information shared to customers by the marketing department and the marketing department uses feedback from the sales team to generate the high quality content designed to pick the interest of people.

Develop full content as aligned teams

 We have to create a branded content as cohesive teams can help with lead generation and sales development. A business is made up of multiple moving parts, all of which must work together to promote successful lead generation and business-wide success.

Enhance Communication between teams

A major cause of misalignment between marketers and professionals is that productive lead generation and in turn completing sales is near to impossible. Forrester research has been found that only 8% of companies have strong marketing and sales alignment. So we have to enhance communication between sales and marketing teams to increase the customer relationship management.

Integrate marketing automation with CRM

  • Automating the lead qualification process
  • Implementing a lead scoring mechanism
  • Running automated multichannel campaigns to generate more leads for sales


Collaborate on messaging

 When the marketing team is creating corporate and product messaging, they should include sales in  the process.

Map Out the Buyer’s journey

Every company should have their buyer journey mapped out so that it is easy for both sales and marketing to know where each lead in the sales cycle. The exercise of mapping out this journey should be a collaborative effort which is undertaken by sales and marketing team.

Define Lead Life cycle Stages 

Lifecycle stages are the points along the buyers journey that leads pass through on their way to become customers. The sales and marketing team should collaborate on defining these so that both teams are on the same page. These stages should be incorporated in the lead scoring model.