What is Web development :

The process involved in building websites so that they can be access over the internet( World Wide Web) is known as Web development. Websites are nothing but collection of different dynamic & static Web pages. These Web pages are accessed by the clients via internet.

Web Page :

A web page is nothing but the interface that is being shown whenever a client visits a particular website. Collection of several web pages makes up a website. Web pages can be static or dynamic. The content of static web pages are fixed in nature i.e. they are common to every clients visiting that page for a particular website. Whereas, dynamic pages are unique for every clients i.e. these pages are loaded dynamically on demand based on client’s requirement, so content of dynamic web pages changes from time to time based on user or clients requirement.

Web server :

A web server is a physical device which is used to provide service , by taking clients request & processing those request & giving response in the form of web page.So inside web servers several web pages resides to provide service to the clients over the internet.A web-server accepts HTTP request & sends back HTTP response to the client in the form a web page. Sometimes Web Server needs to communicate with the Dtabase in-order to fetch data.Every web servers on the internet has a unique IP address ,whenever user visits any website then the URL of that website gets translated into the IP address of the web-server inside which the web-page corresponding to that website resides,& this translation is done by DNS(Domain Name Server).