Robotics Workshop2024-03-29T12:19:38+05:30

Unlock the Future of Technology- Become a Robotics Pro in 2 Days!

Advanced ChatGPT Masterclass

Unlock the Future of Technology: Become a Robotics Pro in 2 Days!

Brief Intro About Workshop

In this immersive workshop, we’re inviting you to dive into the heart of robotics. From understanding the basics to exploring advanced applications, our expert instructors will guide you through hands-on experiences and insights into the transformative power of robotics.

Key Benefits of Robotics Workshop

  • Hands-On Learning Galore
  • Code Your Robotic Companion
  • Unleash Creativity in Design
  • Explore AI Integration
  • Discover robotics applications
  • Team-based problem-solving
  • Expert Guidance Every Step

Mentor Section

Arijit Hajra, CEO of Think Again Lab and renowned “Robot Man of India,” brings 8+ years of experience in robotics, AI, and tech-driven solutions. His expertise in ChatGPT and cutting-edge platforms will guide you through the masterclass. Learn from the best and unlock your AI potential.

Workshop Details

Date: 2-day immersive workshop (specific dates to be confirmed)

Duration: 6 hours (3hrs. +3hrs)

Delivery: Live online sessions with interactive exercises and Q&A

Bonus: Exclusive access to workshop materials, templates, and resources


  1. Access to a computer or laptop with internet connectivity.
  2. Bring enthusiasm for exploring the limitless possibilities of robotics.
  3. Stable internet, computer, or tablet for seamless participation.


Is prior robotics experience necessary?2024-02-16T12:46:04+05:30

No prior experience is required; the workshop caters to both beginners and enthusiasts.

What topics will be covered in the workshop?2024-02-16T12:47:11+05:30

The workshop covers robotics basics, automation, and artificial intelligence applications.

Are there age restrictions for participants?2024-02-16T12:48:36+05:30

The workshop is designed for all ages, fostering a diverse learning environment.

Can I access the workshop materials later?2024-02-16T12:50:27+05:30

Yes, participants will have access to workshop materials for a specified period after the event.

What equipment do I need for hands-on activities?2024-02-16T12:53:12+05:30

A computer or laptop with internet access is all you need for engaging in hands-on robotics activities.

Can I interact with experts during the workshop?2024-02-16T12:54:09+05:30

Absolutely! The workshop encourages interaction through Q&A sessions and discussions with experienced instructors.